Topdressing & Re-seeding

Lawn Topdressing

Lawn topdressing is a process in lawn care where a thin layer of material is spread evenly over the surface of an existing lawn and is commonly performed in conjunction with scarification. Depending on your lawn we may use a combination of a soil and sand mix or a natural organic nutrient-rich compost. Topdressing offers several benefits including levelling the ground, improving soil structure and biology, promoting grass density and reducing thatch. It can be particularly useful for rejuvenating and enhancing the overall health and appearance of your lawn.



Reseeding involves the introduction of new grass seeds to an existing lawn. This is typically done to fill in bare or thin areas, improve grass variety or revitalise an ageing lawn. It helps establish new grass plants, improves the overall thickness of the grass and enhances the lawn's resilience and visual appeal.

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Combining topdressing and reseeding is a comprehensive approach to lawn renovation. By topdressing you address issues related to soil quality, levelling and thatch reduction. Simultaneously reseeding introduces new, healthy grass seed to strengthen and enhance the existing grass. This dual process can result in a lusher, more resilient lawn with improved colour and texture.