Many lawns suffer from soil compaction due to heavy footfall and rain throughout the year. This compaction restricts the flow of air, water and crucial nutrients to the grass roots resulting in shallow roots and the potential growth of moss, which in turn hinders growth of the grass.

Lawn aeration is a mechanical process involving the creation of small holes in the lawn to alleviate compaction, improve drainage and allow air, water and nutrients to reach the soil and grass roots more effectively. This procedure offers numerous benefits for your lawn including the reduction of soil compaction, the promotion of a stronger grass root system, improving drainage and ensuring that essential nutrients are more readily available to the grass.

Following aeration light overseeding is conducted. The holes generated during aeration enhance the bond between grass seeds and soil, leading to elevated germination rates.

Aeration diagram

In summary, incorporating lawn aeration into your lawn care routine is pivotal. It contributes significantly to maintaining a lush, resilient and visually appealing lawn by addressing soil compaction, encouraging healthy root development and promoting optimal conditions for seed germination.

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