Scarification is a mechanical process to remove thatch, dead grass and moss from a lawn. When thatch is present in lawns it can encourage moss to grow which, if left untreated, can smother the lawn by restricting access to air, water and nutrients. The removal of moss and thatch allows water, air and nutrients to reach the grass thus allowing the grass to regain dominance.

This process offers various benefits such as enhancing drainage, encouraging healthier growth, stimulating new lateral growth, improving the lawn’s appearance and reducing the risk of pests and diseases.


Spring or autumn are the optimal times to carry out a scarification, as the grass is more resilient and the weather conditions are conducive to new growth and recovery.

Following scarification your lawn may appear sparse but with the correct after care it will undergo a swift recovery and contribute to the overall health improvement of your lawn. The speed of recovery depends on weather conditions and the initial condition of your lawn but, with patience, you will ultimately enjoy the benefits of this process.

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Aeration can be performed in conjunction with scarification and if necessary topdressing and re-seeding can also be carried out to improve the recovery of your lawn.

An after care advice sheet will be supplied to assist you in maintaining your lawn after the procedure.